Let’s make Denmark Happy Again

For years Denmark has been known as the happiest nation in the world.

But the fact is… we’re not. Though our recent effort to Make Denmark Happy Again succeeded in us pushing the Norwegians down the ladder, we’re not happy until we are the happiest nation in the world.

The top spot? Finland. Yes, you heard us correctly, FINLAND. Home to wife carrying championships, swamp football and annual mosquito hunting. If only we were kidding.

We need to do something. We need to get back on the throne of happiness.

The solution seems obvious! Research shows that great taste contributes to happiness – so a chocolate milk, known for nothing but great taste, could perhaps be much more than that. Perhaps that modest chocolate milk could get the Danes back on the top of the World’s Happiness Report.

Join us on our mission to Make Denmark Happy Again.

Looking for happiness? Science might be able to help.


Great taste – especially when it comes to chocolate, has this special combo of stuff which leads to happiness. And you don’t need much, so choose quality over quantity, friends. Because rewarding yourself with something that tastes great, travels straight to the happiness center of the brain. No detours. Happiness just takes an express train made of great taste – without even getting lost on the way.


Well, the high of the weekend still lingers in your body on Mondays, but nothing can prepare you for Tuesdays. Think about it, Denmark losing Blekinge to the Swedes, the world losing the king of rock ‘n roll, and a famous Danish goalie announcing his retirement? Yes, all horrible. All happened on Tuesdays.

The sweet sounds of happiness

Whether it’s the latest hits or your guilty pleasures, listening to music increases your level of happiness – just remember that not everyone is a Bon Jovi fan so headphones are advised.

Get the happiness pumping

Exercise releases Endorphins which are your body’s “feel-good” chemicals, so pumping iron can help pump a little happiness around your body.

Catch some happinezzzzzzzz

A well-rested brain is a happy brain. Research has shown that sleep is directly linked to our overall happiness. Sweet dreams.


Your happiness can be divided into three main factors: 50% is determined by your genes. 10% of your happiness is determined by the circumstances in which you live. And the last 40% of happiness is determined by your actions, your attitude or optimism, and the way you handle situations. This is where you can take happiness into your own hands. Not that happiness can actually fit in your hands. That’s just a figure of speech.


Having sex once a week equals the happiness level of someone receiving a yearly salary raise of 50.000 dollars. So guys and girls – start negotiating. Or flirting, whatever floats your boat. Need we say more?

Climbing the ladder

Since we’ve started our mission to Make Denmark Happy Again and become the number one happiest nation, we have pushed Norway down the ladder and overtaken the second place. We might not be back on the throne of happiness yet but make no mistake. We will make 2020 the year of Danish Happiness and MAKE DENMARK HAPPY AGAIN – again…